…the books where you can look up OUR „stuff“ are:

  • Green Line New E2 (6-12)
  • Context 21 (11 and 12)

…things you cannot look up in those books are:

  • poetry slams
  • spelling bees
  • oral exams (e.g. debating in 10th grade)
  • reading novels, comics, dramas
  • video and audio analysis
  • Access to newspapers e.g. Read On and World and Press in our school library
  • Use of spoken English in talks, presentations and the production of short films

We love teaching the second foreign language at the MAX, since from Latin lessons in 5th grade, our students are familiar with strategies, means and terms of language acquisition.
We truly profit from that circumstance, and we especially enjoy being the first spoken language at the MAX.

With the book in our hands, we are looking forward to teaching you ;-)

the English staff